There Will (Most Likely) Be No Encore

Faithful NTGers,

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say hey, since it's been so damn long since I did. I think we've all known this was coming, but I have to officially put NTG to rest.

I say "officially" because it has been UNofficially at rest for nigh on 6 months now. A few things led up to this, not the least of which was the untimely passing of my dear friend Pentax. So, being that the real reason I began this blog back in May of Aught-Five was to post my photographs and the stories behind them, it seems only fitting to call NTG finished.

I may continue on in the blogging tradition sometime in the future, but some of the general dust of life needs to settle first... There is just too much going on right now. I'm sure there will be another digital camera on the horizon, and maybe NTG's predecessor will rise from its ashes, but for now that remains to be seen.

Thanks to all readers, commenters, and supporters for enjoying this little jaunt through cyberspace with me. It'll be okay, my beloved NTGers...

Don't you cry tonight... I still love you, baby...


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